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Resume Professional Profile Essay Example for Free

Resume Professional Profile Essay Professional Profile A dedicated professional consultant with experience in management and business organization. Client focused, management driven, goal oriented, a team player, detail and research oriented, enterprising work ethic and solid integrity. Accountable and well organized. Skills and Certifications Primavera Software Complete MS Office package; Including MS Project, WordPerfect, Outlook Calendar, Registrar, Corel Draw, PageMaker,  Calendar Creator Plus E-mail, Internet design programs, SAVRR, CSTX System, Phoenix Typing 110 wpm, 10-key/touch Dbase III, Visio, Training Server Registration TAS Navigator Upgrade MS Access, Viewpoint   Purchasing Plus software, Blue-stake EZ-Trak P3 Scheduling Document Express Documentum Expedition IRMO RMS   Maximo Professional/Interpersonal Skills Asset Recognition Transfer – government to government, contractor to government; received recognition for leading the AFCEE Contractors in top closeouts at PMR Knowledge of Project Management Portals used by various AFCEE contractors (lap. lagunaconstruction; Ecconet; kbrconnect; URSConnect) Primavera Expedition Document Controls Administrator Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) Experience with: JCCI, NAFVAC, AFCEE, MOE, MOD, DOD, COE Overseas Project Close-out/De-mobilization Plans (JCCI, NAFVAC, AFCEE, MOE, MOD, DOD, COE) close-out and turned over 600 projects totaling over 3 billion in revenue. SOP development and implementation Built and implemented Complete Document Control program (Halliburton ECCI) Catalogue Secure all Design As-Built drawings in accordance with SOP-206 Engineering Assistant Manage Overseas Man Camp/billets; security contracts; life support Team Development and Leadership training for Iraqi Local Nationals Manage Overseas Man Camp/billets; security contracts; life support Government Property Management for all Iraq and U.S. Area (JCCI, AFCEE, COE, PMO, NAVFAC, MNSTC-I) Task Orders, in-depth knowledge of the DD1354 and DD1149, DD250, Property Material Transfer and Supply procedures. International Logistics Manager Petty Cash Management / Payroll (maintain 100k average) Budgeting Skills Procurement Skills Contracts/Subcontracts (FAR) administration skills RFQ (request for quotes) Wrote, implemented, and manage the first AFCEE Warranty Program in Iraq Leasing skills Management and Organizational skills Facilities Management Skills ESL Instruction/Indochinese Refugees International Business Development Support (Proposal Production; Time line scheduling, etc.) Portal Maintenance; development; training and design Professional/Consulting Experience Laguna Construction Company, Baghdad, Iraq Project Manager-Task Order Contract Closeout Identify, perform QC/QA on all Contract Deliverables while interfacing with Client AFCEE/MNSTC-I for transfer of reach back and ongoing Task orders.   SME for JCCI/MNSTCI closeout processes for MoF closure of MoD contracts.   Maintain Company Database; on-site acting Contract Compliance Manager.   Set up and expedite best practices for company.   Other duties as team requires. Berger-URS-JV, PCO-GRD Baghdad, Iraq Closeout Control Manager for Facilities and Transportation Provide lead support role in project closeout activities.   Set metric-based goals, regular tracking and reporting close-out progress using computer applications.   Support transfer of facilities to owner.   Consolidate project files.   Manage electronic files, using Excel and database applications such as Maximo, IRMO, RMS and â€Å"P† drive.   Represent closeout group at weekly meetings and provide verbal and written reports.   Maintain action items and notifies designated managers of overdue items. Kellogg, Brown, and Root Services, CONCAP Program, International Locations Document Controls-Project Closeout Manager Project Closeout Specialist preparing deliverables for NAVFAC and preparing Demobilization and Closure Plan for submission.   Document Closeout – Primavera Expedition.   Implemented Documents Control sub-department and wrote SOP for Documents Control Specialist.   Delivered over 600 million in CONCAP Task Orders from Dec. 2005 thru July 2006. Document Control Manager (Procurement Materials) Serve as document liaison for Regional Baghdad PMP (Property, Materials and Procurement) operations in Taji, Camp Cooke.   Wrote and implemented theatre wide Data base program networked to encompass all PMP operations.   Reported on procurement, and contracting activities to Houston office.  Ã‚  Ã‚   Maintained records retention schedules for International/Military Documents.   Monitored quality reporting under Master Agreements as it relates contractually. Managed and reported petty cash funds between Regional offices in Baghdad Taji, Camp Cooke.   Manage logistics of office and field supplies. ECCI, AFCEE Program, Baghdad, Iraq  Ã‚   Administrative Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Government Property Liaison Currently travel 75% of the time in Theatre, closing out Task Orders and Writing Closure/Demobilization plans for completed projects.  Ã‚   Responsible for preparing CDRL Deliverables in the form of Turnover packages on all Projects to Client.   Work closely with client on Portal management.   Manage the Iraq Post closeout Warranty program.   Tasked to write SOP’s in an effort to standardize practices within theatre. Currently work in Program Controls in a Management Capacity in the areas of International Logistics, Document Control implementation, Government Property Controls and Task Order Operations. When supporting An Numaniyah Military Base as Operations Administrative Manager, duties included the management of day to day Administrative operations. Supervised up to ten employees; maintained payroll; petty cash; timesheet maintenance and distribution for ECCI and private Consultants, set up complete file maintenance system; wrote and implemented Administrative Office procedures.   Acted as liaison between the Client and ECCI; developed and implemented first Document Control Category Classifier for Retention of Records in Iraq, handled Administrative Turn-over of a 58 million dollar project to our client, AFCEE. Implemented and closed-out Project Documents.   Coordinate with Security and Program Managers during development and implementation of the demobilization plan.   Primary point of contact for all incoming and outgoing logistics; including employees; supplies; mail; etc.   Maintained project leave schedule; including processing all forms for leave, expenses, petty cash disbursements, cash advances, and Personnel Change Notifications.   Supported the Project Cost Specialist by expediting invoices during leave; Implemented and delivered a complete inventory of Government Property. Updated six months of post dated Portal data, maintained and QC’d daily maintenance of ANMB Portal.  Ã‚   Worked with Headquarters to improve Portal delivery to AFCEE, and delivered feed-back to enhance Portal friendliness.   Continue to trained   Operations Assistants, Project Managers, and Quality Managers in all duties, focusing on Document Control; Portal Maintenance; petty cash distribution; and coping strategies of living and working in the field.  Ã‚  Ã‚   Performed all other duties assigned by Director of Operations and Program Controls. ECCI, UXO-CEA Program, Al-Taji Iraq Financial Specialist/ Logistics Coordinator Served in dual roles managing human resource documentation, employee time sheets, travel reimbursements, document control, and responsible for the following Reporting efforts:   Operations Reporting; SitRep Reporting, Weekly Corps of Engineer Reporting.   Maintained controlled file management for munitions records.   Serve as primary Dispatch for Taji Base operations.   Worked closely with Iraqi Nationals in the capacity of Contract Administrator for the Rafiadian Security force and served as the Local Labor force Liaison.   Attend Base Defense meetings, supervised two Iraqi Interpreters, and coordinated Billeting efforts with Parsons Logistics.   Developed and maintained close contact with Mayor Cell at Camp Cooke. Additional duties needed. Pierson Construction/Engineering Firm, Tempe Arizona Dispatch/Purchasing Agent Supervise company runner; Dispatch, Purchase and Coordinate 12 full crews on 15 open jobs in multi-million dollar Water and Sewer projects.   Managed various logs, purchase order preparations, price-out and award contracts for all materials and equipment.   Developed and maintain systems integrity within Company’s computer tracking system, and all other duties as assigned.   Expedited all below grade piping and aggregate from Suppliers in US and Internationally.    Dell Computer Corporation/Dell University, Austin, TX Administrative Specialist (Promotion w/in Dell Computer Corporation) Project centered position, supporting V.P. of Human Resources  Product Services Group.   Use high level of discernment and confidentiality working with employment, salary and stock option planning.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Sr. Administrative Assistant   Support three program managers and one director by managing and coordinating meetings and training events between Suppliers, Executive Offices, and lines of business.   Outlook calendar and e-mail management. Record and distribute minutes for three Global Task Forces. Process and drive Contracts, Statement of Work, Non-disclosure Agreement’s, Purchase Requisitions and Orders, by working closely w/Procurement, Legal and Accounts Payable.   Coordinate all aspects of Inter-National and domestic travel for managers/director.   Utilized Excel to manage department Budget, and monitor metrics in Road mapping projects.   Proficient in Microsoft Access for tracking logistics, confirm training and vendor records. Program Administrator responsible for team of consultants contracted under QSAT.   General Office practices.    Office of the Attorney General, Austin, TX Training Specialist II, (Promotion within Office of the Attorney General) Developed, researched, delivered the following training: Customer Service, Stress Management, Telephone Etiquette, Office Administration, Records Management Retention Scheduling, WP6.1 intro and intermediate, WP5.1, Intro to Olivetti, CPR and First Aide, Financial Collections Procedures, Introduction to logistics, Human Resource, Technical, Safety, Management Training.   Traveled 70%.   Served as a consultant to various departments and field offices to understand specific requirements needs to provide research options and solutions.    Training Media Coordinator/Conference Meeting Planner Planned statewide logistics for conference/training space, food and beverage, vendor hospitality and sleeping rooms.   Handle special conferences as mandated by Director of Child Support.   Negotiated and processed contracts and associated paperwork for out-of-agency training facilities, sleeping rooms and equipment statewide. Developed and maintained a database for statewide training and conference events. Managed and planned build-out specifications and Building Inventory for 15 off-site PC training centers statewide.   Coordinated and maintained all Media.   Designed, coordinated, maintained and distributed training calendar state wide.   Previewing hotels in-state and out-of-state for possible conference sites.   Evaluated software packages for conversion of Training Scheduling and Database.   Systems Administrator-Registrar.    Education Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas Business Administration/Computer Science 1988 Austin Community College, Austin, Texas Accounting 1980 References Letters of Recommendation are available upon request

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